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The popularity of mobile devices, such as laptops and PDAs, with wireless connectivity and the amount of Wi-Fi users world-wide is growing more and more everyday - help ensure the general aviation community is properly equipped to provide public wireless Internet access.

Become a Media Sponsor to reach our

Wi-Fi Hotspot users and website visitors.

The Sky-Nets Wi-Fi Hotspot Network creates a unique method for your general aviation media company or organization to market your brand. Becoming a Media Sponsor essentially means we'll exchange AD space or website links.

Becoming a Media Sponsor of the Sky-Nets Hotspot Network has many benefits, such as:

  • Expose your brand and website to our Wi-Fi Hotspot users and website visitors.

  • Be known to take a leading edge in technology stand out from other aviation organizations!

  • Help the general aviation community unwire and ensure the availability of wireless Internet access.

Your logo would appear on Our Sponsors webpage (pointed out below):

This is an example of our sponsors page. Click here to go to the page.

We link to this webpage from several pages on our website and on the splash or redirection screen that appears when users at FBOs first connect to our Wi-Fi hotspots.

If you are interested in becoming a Media Sponsor please fill out this form:







Enter your feedback, comments, or questions:


Once we've discussed the details, you can use one of the following graphics on your website and link it to our main URL (

Plain Logo

logo.PNG - 141x58 - 3.98KB

Animated Banner

banner.gif - 488x88 - 12.17KB

Small Banner

small_banner.PNG - 225x89 - 6.01KB

Let us know if you would like a customize sized graphic.