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When using our Wi-Fi hotspots, or any other public network, you should take proper steps to ensure your data and identity are kept safe and secure.

Here are several things you should keep in mind:

Disable File Sharing

Before connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots you should disable the sharing of any files, folders, and services you may not want others to view, use or edit.

Although this isn't necessarily needed while using the Sky-Nets Wi-Fi Hotspot Network because we disable the ability to share among users, it's a good idea just in case you connect to another hotspot or your computer inadvertently connects directly to other users using Ad hoc mode.

Click here to learn how to view/edit sharing preferences.

Use SSL Encryption with Sensitive Information

Donít visit any private or sensitive websites (such as financial sites and email) unless they're secured, for example websites implementing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) with a with the pad lock and a HTTPS address, for example:

Enable Personal Firewall Software

To protect yourself from hackers or intruders while on Wi-Fi hotspots and Internet, you should have personal firewall software installed and active while connected. You can either use Windows XPís built-in firewall utility, accessed via the Control Panel, or use third party software such as ZoneAlarm.

Think About Using VPNs

VPNs provide a great way to encrypt all data sent and received from your computer while on Wi-Fi hotspots. Here are a few hosted solutions you could use: SecureMyWiFi, Hotspot Shield (free), or JiWire Hotspot Helper.

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